Things to do While Breastfeeding

The first six weeks of having a baby is a lot of feeding. I mean hours and HOURS and HOURS of breastfeeding. Clocking in at around six hours a day, it is quite literally a full-time job just to feed your newborn. It can start to get monotonous really fast, but instead of turning to games on your phone or marathons of daytime television, make the most of the time with these activities...

1. Stare at that Sweet Baby
I could do this forever. Study that sweet face, wrap your finger in her tiny hands, play with those little toes, and look into those precious eyes.

2. Pray over Your Child
Thank God for the incredible blessing and miracle that you are holding in your arms, ask for wisdom to raise them with character and integrity, and pray for the person that they will become under your influence.

3. Read
This is the perfect time to put some ebooks or audio books on your phone. You will be amazed at how fast you fly through them. This is a great time to read some books on raising a baby, but also pick some that have nothing too do with babies. Pick a good fiction that you can get lost in or a nonfiction on a topic that interests you.

4. Overcome Pregnancy/Mommy Brain
At first you will be too exhausted to think clearly but once that phases passes, your body will be busy but your brain will be bored. Find some apps to exercise your mind! With the amount of hours you have to work on this new skill, the possibilities are endless- learn a new language, memorize scripture, learn the basics of acrylic get the idea.

5. Eat
Sleep when baby sleeps and eat when baby eats is my motto! Get a box of healthy (or not so healthy) snacks to put by your breastfeeding spot so that something to munch on is always within arm's reach.

6. Journal
Keep a journal on your phone of all of baby's firsts, funny faces, and quirks that you will want to remember. It doesn't have to be a novel- bullet points are fine. You'll be glad you did!

7. Call a Friend
If you have a slow and quiet eater, this will work for you. If you have a loud eater, skip ahead to the next one... Go ahead and call a friend on speaker phone. Talking to another adult will do wonders for your sanity!

8. Talk to Your Baby
Adult talk time is good and so is baby talk time. Tell your baby how much you love them, how special they are, and the things you love about them. They may not understand what you are saying, but it will create a habit of positive affirmation from you so that it comes naturally later when they do know what you are saying.

9. Indulge in Guilty Pleasures
Finally! It's OK to watch some episodes of your favorite reality show or zone out scrolling through some social media, just let it be one of many things you do rather than getting sucked into hours of mindless time killing activity. Let it be a treat when you really need it!

Have some other ideas? What do you do to fill the time???