Tuesday, July 22, 2014

How to Dry Fresh Parsley

My parsley is looking like it's about to bolt, so it's time to harvest what I can and dry it. It is a pretty simple process, and I keep it simple. No expensive dehydrators and no heating up the kitchen using the oven for hours. However, it does take time, so don't expect to use the parsley to cook anything today!

First take your handy garden clippers and snip off all of the stems that are ready to be harvested. Cut the stems all the way at the bottom of the plant, and work from the outside of the plant to the inside, leaving the newest leaves to continue growing for more produce later.

Wash the leaves off thoroughly and spin them in a salad spinner to get most of the water off. Hang them upside down in dry place that is out of the way, which for me is the laundry room.

The stems shrink when drying so if you tie them together they will probably end up falling on the floor. I use tape or office clips to hold mine together.

After a few weeks of drying (depending on the humidity) the parsley should be ready. Once the leaves are crunchy and dry take them off the stems and put them in the food processor. Chop, chop, and all done!

Once the parsley is chopped you will immediately know the difference between home-dried parsley and store bought parsley...the SMELL! I have bought and used a lot of parsley in my life, but it has never smelled even remotely as amazing as this! I'm pretty sure I can't go back to the store bought stuff now...