Monday, July 21, 2014

How to grow a year's supply of green onions for under $1

If more people knew this trick, the grocery store would quit selling green onions! I use a lot of green onions while cooking, and while each bunch is less that a dollar, it adds up over time. So how about buying one bunch and having it last all year? Or even for the rest of your life? I'm not exaggerating...

Next time you buy a bunch of green onions, cut off the white ends about an inch from the bottom. Place the bottoms in a glass of water until a few roots begin to grow. You will see the green onions regrowing literally within hours!

Once you see roots, transplant the green onions into a pot or the garden. As you need green onions, simply cut off the leaves about an inch above the level of the dirt. The plants will regrow to full size in a little over a week.

One time I didn't need any green onions for about a month and let them grow, when I finally harvested the leaves they were two feet long and the bunch weighed almost a pound! No problem, I just chopped them up and froze them in a gallon sized ziplock bag.

Since I'm gardening in zone 9, the green onions live year round! They even bloom in the spring, and if you leave the buds on the plants, they will drop their seeds and start a new crop all on their own. Now you know that one bunch from the grocery store is more than enough for the whole family!