Wednesday, December 24, 2014

12 Days of Anticipation: Day 12 God's Unstoppable Plan

Day 12- God's Unstoppable plan

Everything that happens next in history is Satan's attempt to stop God's plan from unfolding, and God outwitting him at every step! Herod tried to kill Jesus by murdering all of the baby boys, but God sends the family safely to Egypt. Satan uses Jesus' own disciple, Judas, to betray Him to His death, but that death was His very plan all along. The guards try to keep the body from being stolen, but Jesus rises from the dead! The chief priests try to cover it up with a lie, but Jesus appears to many people before ascending to heaven. The chief priests arrest, torture, and kill many of the disciples to keep them from preaching, but the church grows every with day. The story continues throughout thousands of years of history- Satan attempting to stop this spread of the truth that life and hope can be found in Jesus, and truth prevailing all the same.

This is why we celebrate Christmas! This is why we live our lives for Christ every day. This is why we believe so many things that are contrary to this world- that to die is gain, that those who mourn are blessed, that persecution brings joy, that we should love our enemies. You are a part of God's continuing plan. Each generation has its own challenges to face in spreading the good news that the angels announced that Christmas night, but this is our time. Right now we are on the front lines. Some days it may seem that the world is too dark, that hope is too far away, that there is not enough strength to fight it, but that is exactly what the enemy wants you to think. The story continues...

What role do you play in God's unstoppable plan?
In what ways have you allowed Satan to keep you from spreading the truth about the significance of Jesus?
Have you been distracted by the world and kept from doing your task?
How can you be more intentional in the new year about sharing life and truth with others?

I hope you have a merry Christmas, celebrating and rejoicing in the amazing and miraculous birth that we stop to recognize. Glory to God in the highest, and on earth, peace to those on whom His favor rests!

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